Product Driven A-Side Surface for Industrial Design


Renderings Animations SLA's & Milling

Renderings can be provided at any quality level from wireframe to photo-real for use in design reviews and critiques, color schemes, customer review, audience presentations, and more. Binary Studio uses industry standard software tools including Alias StudioTools, Bunkspeed, and Maxwell Render.

Animation takes the visualization process to the next level. Product flyarounds, visual disassembly and animated moving parts leave nothing to chance in the product review and refinement process. Animation is an excellent way to highlight special product features and show them in simulated use.

Alias StudioTools is the primary Binary Studio animation package. View more animation demos on the Media Page.

SLA's or milled properties can be helpful in cases where the product is far enough along in the design process to warrant a physical model at full size or to scale. There's no better way to accomodate tactile, hands-on reviews of a design.

Thickened solid STL's can be created from the A-Side surface Binary Studio provides. If the part is to be milled, a solid STEP file can be provided on request.